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Extra Services

In addition to my main proofreading, editing and writing services, I also offer a number of extra, 'top-up' services to help me complete your project for you. I may also be able to provide other services, not listed below, to help finish off your project; please describe what you would like me to do when you request a quotation.

Please note that you can only commission these extra services from me in conjunction with a proofreading, editing or writing project; I am not offering them as 'stand-alone' services.

e-Book Production

Where you commission me to write, edit, or proofread a relatively large document, that you intend to publish/distribute in electronic form as a report or e-book, then I can also convert your document into Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. As well as formatting the basic text, I can also add page headers and footers, cover and internal illustrations, a table of contents, etc. according to your requirements. I can also perform similar functions to format a document that is intended to be printed on paper rather than distributed electronically.

Webpage Production

Where you commission me to write, edit, or proofread one or more relatively small documents, that you intend to publish as individual pages on a website, then I can also convert your document(s) into HTML format ready for uploading to your website (including formatting pages for sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages, etc.).

I can either insert your text into a webpage template you supply, or I can design a basic webpage format too, complete with headers and footers, navigation links, embedded illustrations and other graphics, etc., according to your requirements. This can include the production of basic text-based graphics and even an entire website complete with special pages such as contact forms, etc.

Website Testing

Where you commission me to proofread one or more pages of a website, then as well as checking the text on those pages, I can also check other, functional features such as links and forms, and check whether your pages appear correctly when viewed in different types of web browser and with different viewing window sizes. I can test pages in this way either that are already 'live' on a website accessible over the internet, or that you supply as a complete set of files that I can load onto my own local test server.

Keyword Research

Where you commission me to write one or more relatively small documents that you intend to publish as individual articles, either on the major article directory websites or as part of a website, then I can help you target your articles for maximum search engine traffic by doing basic keyword research. This will identify which words and phrases have the optimum combination of high search volume and low competition, and therefore should be used as the primary subjects for your articles, and incorporated into their titles. This is therefore an initial, preliminary activity carried out prior to the main writing project, to decide exactly what to write each article about, rather than an extra activity to be added on to the end of a project.


These extra services are too varied to give a set of standardised fees here. Instead, I will estimate the time I will take to do the work you require when you request a quotation, and then charge you for that time at £15 per hour. The price will then be fixed, irrespective of the time it actually takes me to do the work, provided you do not change the specification of the service you require.