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Trevor Birch

Author, Editor and Proofreader

Hi! My name is Trevor Birch, and I am a professional proofreader with extensive experience in the UK book publishing industry. I am now, through this website, offering my experience to webmasters, internet marketers, and anyone else who wants help with their writing projects, either checking the text for correctness and consistency, preparing it for publication, or generating it in the first place.

Below is a brief description of the services that I offer; for more information please see the other pages of this site. If you have a specific project and would like my help with it, then please use my quotation request form to contact me.

My Services

I am offering a range of services centred on the production of textual documents, including e-books, reports, webpages and pretty much any other type of document, in either electronic form or on paper. The core services that I offer are:

In addition to these core services I also offer a number of supporting services, such as converting and formatting a document into an e-book or webpage, extending the proofreading or editing of the text of a website to testing other aspects of that website's operation, and doing keyword research to find appropriate phrases to be targeted by a series of articles.


My native language is UK English so this will be the language I will use by default for editorial or writing projects. On request I can also work in other forms of English, such as US or other international varieties. However, while I can easily use a spellchecker with an appropriate dictionary to catch the variations in spelling, when it comes to writing in non-UK English, my choice of phrasing may not be the same as a native speaker of that form of English.